Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We drove to Princess' grave today. It started raining on the way, so I said let's just go and make sure all her toys and flowers are ok and we can go. As soon as we turned into the drive that her lil grave is on we saw there was another baby buried by her.

It always saddens me and BDC (formally known as Hubby) when we see there is another baby buried close to Princess. We know how much pain and suffering the parents are going through, so fresh into the grieving process. Since Princess was buried in Feb. there have been 5 other babies buried there.

Today I remember all the people who have been lost, whether through fighting for us all to be free, or all the babies lost on the war on prematurity and infant loss.

My respect for the military and their families is huge. We should be remembering them everyday! We all need to remember that just because we are mad at the man running this country and his lies to us about why the war started, that our young people over there fighting are doing it for all of us and they need our support no matter what.

Ok, I'm tired and I've babbled a lil too long.


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