Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bad Day...

Yesterday I woke up in the worst mood ever. And who did I yell at first? Of course, my loving husband BDC. I do in home day care so when I wake up in the morning first thing I do is clean the living room if it's messed up and vaccum.

Ok, back up some. The night before I had went to bed early (I've been craving sleep like crazy lately) and on the way to the room I remember saying...

"Baby please pick up the trash atleast out here for me?" and of course he said yes, but like most men didn't hear me.

So in the morning the living room has a trash bag on the floor, dirty socks thrown on the floor, an empty soda bottle. UGH!!!! I do admit, I'm not the best homemaker in the world and occasionally the house looks a lil...well...DISORGANIZED! I'm used to it on occasion, but this particular morning I lost it.

I ranted and raved, threw things around and made sure I did it loud enough for BDC to hear as he still lay in the bed sleeping. Normally it might have made me felt better but not now. I was miserable.

The day never got better for me and nothing bad actually happened. I was angry at the world until I went to sleep. Nothing could make me smile, nothing could break the mood I was in. I was just nothing.

I don't like being upset and miserable where it makes me feel like I did. It has happened a lot since I lost Princess, and I'm sure it was something underlying that made me think of my angel and made me angry.

Even though they don't read my blog, I am sorry BDC and Monkey. I love you.

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SissyMerks said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday! If it makes you feel any better your blog is WAY CUTE!! I really love you background!